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2024 NBA draft grades: Winners, losers, picks for all 30 teams

Which teams were the winners and losers of the 2024 NBA draft? While we won't know exactly how every prospect will fare over the next few seasons, we can make judgements on picks based on value of the selection and how teams maneuvered the board.

Let's grade how all 30 teams did in the league's first two-day draft, which was marked by a large collection of French players selected and, of course, Bronny James' entry into the NBA.

Generally speaking, my grades for teams are based on how well they maximized the picks they entered the draft with rather than simply how much talent they accumulated, given that's more a product of last season's record (or past trades) than decision-making in the draft. I use my player projections as a guide for the value of prospects -- based on their age, performance and more metrics -- and take into account whether they were drafted higher or lower than those projections.

Let's get into my grades, going in alphabetical order:

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